Pay-as-you-go music promos
with easy access control
and advanced analytics.

Grand opening!

Purchase promos for just $2!

Send your music to only the labels, DJs, or collaborators you want.

Top-notch protection keeps your tracks safe.

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See exactly who listened and downloaded your tracks.

Detailed analytics for each promo tell you whether your tunes are hitting or not.

No monthly subscription.

Pay-as-you-go per promo. Perfect for small labels or independent artists.

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Ready to get your tracks to the right people?

How it works

The Promo

The whole reason you're here! This is what your subscribers see.

  • Feature your label or artist.
  • Add artwork like the album cover.
  • Include notes, details, links, and rich media.
  • Highlight tracks for quicker listening.
  • One click to play tracks and scrub through tracks to preview them.
  • One click to start downloading.
  • All actions are tracked. See "analytics" below.

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Collect feedback

Are people feeling your tunes? Find out!

  • Use a simple star rating so you know how people feel.
  • Collect individual track notes (optional or required) before download.

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Manage access

The most important thing is to control who gets your exclusive tunes first.

  • Import subscribers easily in one step.
  • Add or remove subscribers individually or in bulk.

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Promote your promo

Get the word out there!

  • Email subscribers so they have easy access.
  • Use unique urls for each user to send them your promo anywhere.

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Email your subscribers

Land your promo right where people will see it, in their inbox.

  • Preview your emails before they go out.
  • Emails look great on desktop or mobile.

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Watch your progress

Everything is tracked, so you know who's loving your tunes (and if anyone is sharing what they shouldn't!)

  • Track email opens to make sure they were delivered.
  • Track clicks so you know how people are interacting.
  • Track plays and downloads so you know which tracks are hitting.
  • Collect feedback for use with PR.

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Manage all of your promos, labels, and artists from your dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions

I already have a mailing list on Mailchimp.

Keep using it! MailChimp is great for sending out newsletters to your fans, including links to your public releases.

But when you need to send promos to DJs or labels, keeps your tracks private and tracks who is listening.

Why can't I just use Soundcloud?

You can! Upload tracks to SoundCloud and mark them as private.

But with, you know who listened and who downloaded. The email you send will look nicer and more professional. And no more BCCing all of those DJs and labels.

Do you send promos to big name DJs/labels?

Nope. We're not a DJ pool or promo service. We don't cross promote. Sending your indie rock to EDM DJs is not how you're going to get famous, anyway.

I'm a rockstar and these plebs are sending me promos. How do I stop it?!

Click the "unsubscribe" link in the bottom of the promo emails you're receiving.

Get your new tracks out there!


Secret Agent Gel djing.

Hey, I'm Secret Agent Gel.

I started DJing and producing in the 90s. It's a passion and hobby I've continued for almost 30 years!

Since I'm independent, I send out my own promos and often release my own music. Dropbox feels unprofessional and doesn't collect feedback. Other services require a monthly subscription.

So I created (I've also been a professional web developer for 20+ years). Dead simple to upload and share your music. Only pay when you have a new track or release.

As a musician, I want to cater to musicians, so if doesn't meet your needs, please let me know!

- Corey Maass
aka Secret Agent Gel